Work Programs NTA

Main targets are develop

Consumption fish farmer communities such as:

catfish, tilapia, mujaer fish and Snakehead Fish, Pomfret and will gradually develop Zidat fish for the entire territory of the State of Indonesia. Animal feed is the highest factor in fish farming, and as a determinants of success or failure in cultivation, therefore the NTA will build INDEPENDENT FEEDING HOUSE FOR THE COMMUNITY.

Worm Farmer Community

Worm cultivation is one sector that must be continuously developed, in addition worm cultivation is very easy, worms have economic value high. However, until now worm cultivation has not been included as superior for export, because worm production in Indonesia is still very small. Therefore, Nusantara Token Agriculture, among others, will develop worm cultivation for the people of Indonesia, using organic agar produce acceptable in the world worm market.

Shrimp Fishery Community

The vaname shrimp export market is still very promising, until now Indonesia is new able to supply export needs of 860 thousand tons, while the need for vaname shrimp in the world currently it reaches 13 million tons, not including other shrimp varieties such as shrimp bago, tiger prawns and lobsters which are the king of prawns at very affordable prices high. Therefore, NTA will develop and engage members of the shrimp community and cooperate with shrimp breeders associations or associations to unite and increase shrimp productivity.

Other Marine Fishery Communities

Indonesia has a coastline of 95,181 km and is a coastline the second longest in the world, while Indonesia's marine waters reach 5.8 million square kilometers, which is 71% of the total area of ​​Indonesia. With such a long coastline, based on data from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries in 2019, capture fisheries production in Indonesia is new reached 7.53 million tons. From this figure, it is very far from what should be achieved, the main problem what many fishermen in the area experience is due to the lack of cold Storage.

Agricultural Community

The main problem faced by farmers today is the lack of availability of seeds superior and fertilizers, these problems that from year to year have not found a point light. In agriculture, NTA will dedicate itself to building a center development of superior seedlings, either with a tissue culture system or with other technology right. To increase productivity, the NTA will gradually implement it technology IoT for Agriculture. Develop NTA organic fertilizers at affordable prices so that results production is a healthy agricultural product, and can be well received in country and abroad at high prices.


In order to advance the quality of life of the nation, NTA will also become the foster father in the sector education, both formal and informal education. NTA is committed to advancing the life of the Indonesian nation that is smart and civilized, therefore NTA will cooperate and or build educational institutions competent in the development of Indonesian people as a whole. By buying NTA in addition, you will get benefits in buying and selling on the market crypto, NTA as a place of worship for the progress of the nation: charity for breeders, charity for farmers, fishermen and charity for education such as children's education orphans, Islamic boarding schools and other formal education that deserve assistance the.


Animal experts, food aid, educational assistance, feed houses in every province in Indonesia

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